Property Disputes, Succession Certificate, Recovery Amount, Execution Petitions, MACT & LAC Cases, Property Registration, Sale Deed, Gift  Deed, Transfer Deed in Blood Relation, Registration of Lease Deed/Rent agreement.

RERA Matters Complaints before RERA Authority, Adjudicating Officer(Gurgaon & Panchkula) and RERA Appellate Tribunal(Chandigarh) regarding delay in Possession, Forfeiture of amount ,Structural Defects etc

Criminal matters involving all alleged offending behaviours from the minor matter to the most serious matters. If you are accused of a crime against a person (like assult or murder), a crime against property (like shoplifting or theft), or any other criminal offense, Dowry Cases, Cheque Bounce Cases Complaint U/S- 138 of NI Act, Bail and Appeals. A Criminal defence Lawyer can help.

The case related to family Law like Hindu Muslim Personal Laws, Special  Marriage Act, Family Disputes, Divorce Cases, Mutual Divorce, Child Custody, Cases fight for Women Rights regarding Maintenance & Domestic Voilance, Court Marriage, Marriage Counselling, Matrimonial Cases, 498-A Cases, Consultation with Regards to Marriage issues

Corporate Law, Labour and Employment Dispute Law, Taxation Law, Consumer Complaints, State Consumer Commission Complaints. Shop Act Registration, Trade Mark & Trade Licence Registration, Esic and PF Registration and GST Registration, Income Tax Act, GST Consultation with Regards to Business issues.

SKY Law firm

Subhash Kumar & Associates

Our team of professionals in the areas of all courts in india. Our associates have long experience in dealing various kinds of civil and criminal matters in trial courts, high courts and Supreme Court. We provide legal advice free of cost in india. We solve all type cases Civil matters like property disputes, Criminal matters, Cheque Bounce matters and Family matters, Banking and corporate matters. If you have any requirement please contact us.

Contact no. (91) 9899703157



The SKY Law Firm is defined by the exceptional result we produce, the values we share, the clients we serve and most importantly our solicitors.

The SKY Law Firm solicitors consistently deliver excellence in the most complex and demanding legal matters, both litigation and transactions. They do not consider the practice of law as a job, but rather a calling to serve clients, the profession and the community.

No matter what legal challenge is presented, our powerful combination of experience, professionalism and teamwork helps clients achieve their goals.

With a combined experience of more than 25 years in the legal industry, we are a committed and passionate law firm looking after our client’s legal needs.

The SKY Law Firm is a law firm of international reach. Our Firm has been widely recognised for producing outstanding results in transitions and securing significant results at all levels through the Supreme Court of India, the District Court of Gurgaon, the Local Courts of New Delhi and the Family Law Courts in NCR as well as transactions throughout INdia and overseas.

Our clients range from large privately held corporations, associations to emerging companies, family-run businesses and individuals.

Our clients and business dealings throughout the world, trust The SKY Law Firm with their most sensitive and consequential matters.

We have earned our reputation as a “Law Firm of the Future”. Our solicitors have won impressive victories in complex and challenging cases in a broad range of substantive areas of law and across a variety of industries, before District courts, State and Administrative Courts and in arbitrations.

We have achieved milestone rulings on behalf of our clients in matters before the Family Law Courts of Delhi and Gurgaon, the District Court of NCR and the Local Court of Gurgaon.

The SKY Law Firm commitment to public service is part of their everyday practice. We are known for our long traditional advocacy as well as our commitment to our clients and community.

The honour reflects our commitment to exceeding client’s expectations, investing in our people, increasing diversity in the legal profession and helping those with the greatest need for legal representation through our community service.

The SKY Law Firm solicitors rise above the rest both in term of their qualifications and their approach to practising law.

The SKY Law Firm is a modern law firm built with traditional values. The Australian Law Firm is your virtual, mobile law practice and/or traditional office practice law firm providing legal services all over India.

The SKY Law Firm is the virtual law firm of our century. It is our emerging business model that helps our solicitors think differently about how to operate our practices. It is a forward-looking model of delivering client services. It runs counter to our solicitors training on looking backwards. This is a fascinating dynamic that we will explore by understanding that our client’s time is important. That is why we offer our clients flexible options when it comes to meeting them.

The SKY Law Firm offers clients the traditional face-to-face meetings or consultations at our gurgaon office where we meet our clients there by appointments.

Sometimes clients feel intimidated by walking into a lawyer’s office, and that is why The SKY Law Firm offers a mobile legal service to clients. We can meet our clients anywhere in Sydney in a non-formal setting. The SKY Law Firm is happy to see clients at their own homes, nursing home facilities or retirement villages, a local café, workplace, a court house or any other appropriate location our clients wish us attend. Simply put, we come to you when you’re available!

Given The SKY Law Firm’s community involvement, we extend our legal services by finding time on a twice monthly basis to service the growing elderly community and No matter which way we meet with you, you can rest assured that your legal problems are our legal problems, and we are here to help you. For all your legal needs, contact The SKY Law Firm on (91) 9899703157. Thank you for considering on using The SKY Law Firm for your legal needs.

Litigation Area

At The SKY Law Firm, we strive to assist our Clients in navigating through their complexities of life. We undertake the following areas of Litigation as well as represent our Clients in all of the following Courts:

→ Supreme Court of India
→ High Courts of Haryana and Delhi
→ District Courts of Gurgaon and Delhi
→ Family Courts of Gurgaon and Delhi
→ Consumer Courts of India
→ Local Courts General Division
→ Local Courts Small Claims Division
→  Civil and Administrative Tribunal
→ Litigation proceedings
→ Legal Notice of Demand
→ Litigation proceedings
→ Summons
→ Statement of Claims
→ Defences
→ Statement of Cross-Claims
→ Debt Collection
→ Default Judgments
→ Judgment or Order
→ Registration/Filing of Certificate of Judgment or Order
→ Pay by Instalments
→ Instalment Order and Notice
→ Order refusing instalment Application
→ Arrest Warrant for Examination
→ Injunction for Possession
→ Civil Case of Property
→  Order for Wages or Salary

Criminal Law

The SKY Law Firm provides representation for criminal law matter involivng all alleged offending behaviours from the minor matters to the most serious criminal charges in the following areas:

→ Custody and Arrest Advice
→ Bail Applications
→ Guilty Pleas
→ Not Guilty Pleas/Contested Trials
→ Sentencing
→ Appeals
→ Serious Criminal Charges
→ Murder
→ Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm
→ Recklessly Cause Grievous Bodily Harm
→ Wounding or Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent
→ Sexual Assault
→ Sexual Assault and Indecent Assault
→ Common Assault
→ Kidnapping
→ Stalking and Intimidation
→ Break and Enter
→ Malicious Damage of Property
→ Goods in Custody
→ Robbery
→ Stealing or Larceny
→ Money Laundering
→ Firearm Offences
→ Possess Prohibited Drug
→ Offensive Language or Conduct
→ Public Mischief
→ Riot
→ Computer Hacking
→ White Collar Crime
→ Credit Card Fraud and Identity Fraud
→ Securities Fraud
→ Corporate Fraud
→ Drink Driving Charges

Family Law

At The SKY Law Firm, we strive to assist our Clients in navigating through their complexities of life. We undertake the following areas of Family Law as well as represent our Clients in the Family Courts of NCR :

→ Nullity of Marriage
→ Divorce of Marriage
→ Separation of Marriage
→ De-Facto Relationships Separation
→ Property Settlements
→ Consent Orders for Property
→ Division of Matrimonial Property
→ Division of De-Facto Relationship Property
→ Parenting Arrangements
→ Child Custody
→ Consent Orders for Children
→ Recovery Orders for Children
→ Applying to Change Existing Orders for Children
→ Contravention of Existing Orders for Children
→ Grandparents and Other Family Members Applications
→ Domestic Violence
→ Making a Last Will and Testament (Will)

Civil Law

The SKY Law Firm is committed to providing cost effective, efficient service and correct property information. We undertake the following in Property Law and Conveyancing:

→ Conveyancing – Acting for Vendor (Seller)
→ Preparation of Contract for Sale of Land
→ Conveyancing – Acting for Purchaser (Buying)
→ Reviewing Contract for Sale of Land
→ Contract for Sale of Land Negotiations
→ Transfer of Land
→ Advice on Mortgage or Loan Documents
→ Assistance for First Home Owners
→ First Home Owner Grants
→ Business Conveyancing – Acting for Vendor (Seller)
→ Preparation of Contract for Sale of Business
→ Business Conveyancing – Acting for Purchaser (Buying)
→ Reviewing Contract for Sale of Business
→ Contract for Sale of Business Negotiations
→ Property Developments
→ Property Subdivision
→ Auctions
→ Retail Leases
→ Commercial Leases
→ Wills and Estate Property
→ Lodging Notice of Deaths
→ Transfer of Land for Joint Tenancy Survivorship
→ Transfer of Land for Estate Property
→ Preparation of Caveats
→ Lodging of Caveats


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